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Our Origin, Objectives and History

In early spring 2002 an idea was taking shape in Southport. A small group of ten conceived to bring “new and old” together in Southport’s growing community, with a focus on social and water activities. Stated more formally in the “Club By-Laws.” This club is formed to provide cruising, sailing, and racing activities to foster friendships and encourage boating knowledge and skills.

In 2002, the first year, there were a number of events with friends who invited friends, and what began with 10 quickly became 20 and then 30 and more continued to come. The enthusiasm was overwhelming, the season moved swiftly, and left the questions of “how do we top this?”  

In 2003, the founding ten formalized the club to "Southport Sailing and Boat Club", initiating charter membership based on those that participated in the prior season's success. The club grew adding structure, By-Laws, and incorporation, non profit status. and insurance coverage. Today our Club has a cap of 100 members and their spouses, significant otheres and live-at-home childern.
Our club no longer participates in racing activities, still maintains an active social schedule with our annual events like the Spring Dance, Clambake, Aloha Party, Dock Parties, and our End of Season Party.

The majority of the boat owning members have power boats, but sailing vessels are more than welcome and many members have a sailing background. In addition, and in keeping with our name and founder's vision, we continue to include numerous organized cruises each year with many of our members participating. Although we are primarily a boating club, we do not require boat ownership to join or paricipate in our activities, including the cruises. Many of our cruises are close enough that members ride with their boater friends or arrive at the destinaltion by car and stay in a local hotel or B&B in order to partake in the various dock parties and other fun events that are planned.

Some of the destinations we include are Bald Head Island, Federal Point, Wilmington,Beaufort,and Georgetown.

Our club consists of a group of people with a common interest that have become friends and family. Our primary mission is to provide fellowship and fun activities for both our baot owning and non-boat owning members We currently have members from Southport, Oak Island, St.James,Winding River,and there surronding communitie, as well as some members that are only part-time residents of the area.

The Club is managed by a nine member board that oversees the planning of activities and administers the budget. Each member of the board serves a 2 year term. All planning is done by committees consisting of members and all members are expected to participate.
One thing that hasn't changed is our adherance to the By-Laws as written by the founding members as well as our mission to provide cruising and boating activities, to foster friendships, and encourage the aquisition of boating knowledge and skills.

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